List of Modern Topics

What are modern topics? Great question, here’s a list of the current and future episodes.

  1. Using LinkedIn for networking
  2. What do you do with an MBA and where do I get one
  3. Do brands influence me?
  4. Writing your resume
  5. Components of your credit score
  6. Should you buy warranties
  7. Mergers and acquisitions
  8. The correct mindset for personal budgeting
  9. Credit card sign up bonuses
  10. Interviewing basics
  11. What is cryptocurrency
  12. Buying and selling a home
  13. Hassle free traveling
  14. Designing a fitness plan
  15. Ordering mixed drinks
  16. What a wine label really tells you
  17. The difference in types of coffee
  18. Dressing to impress (leisure)
  19. Time value of money
  20. Dressing to impress (work)